Automating all administrative departments is the order of the day and become a need with which to improve the productivity of accounting teams, human resources, financial teams...

Process automation is a reality, but we often mistrust that such delicate tasks can be carried out correctly by artificial intelligence. The use of algorithms, mathematical calculations, artificial intelligence and even machine learning allows the capabilities of enterprise software to be more sophisticated than those that could be offered by people. Thus, a program for managing payroll and the labor area is an essential investment for administrative and human resources departments.


Not just payroll design

Let's imagine a software through which we could define and create payrolls in a simple way, in a few minutes, and that, in addition, automatically calculate income tax withholdings or load concepts according to agreements and all the corresponding data for each one of them... Nice, it sounds good...

Carrying out these procedures, in an automated way, offers us the possibility of dedicating time to other types of tasks. Regardless of the department where we are located, we can allocate our time to better department management or other more productive tasks. Let’s see what possibilities a work management software offers us:

  • Automate the calculation of payroll, bonuses and personal income tax,
  • Design and presentation of different models of official documents,
  • Making informative declarations,
  • Through bank aggregators, it is possible to execute bank remittances of payroll,
  • Direct connection with different National (or local) Healthcare Service systems
  • Other interesting benefits of labor management, such as Management of strikes, discontinuous fixed, salary registry, calculation of embargoes... etc.


Personnel Management Paradigm

In labor management we must consider two well-differentiated aspects, administrative and human capital. The first is satisfied with an application that offers the aforementioned features. But we should also consider the part of labor relations if we intend to automate management as much as possible. Because of that, some applications have recently emerged combining these aspects, thus unifying all processes within labor relations in a single tool.

The human resources and labor relations departments have suffered, in the last two years, a great transformation in their processes, due to the pandemic and the massive implementation of the remote working. The telematic management of personnel is a great challenge and this type of software, in addition to streamlining the administrative part of the position, can also allow more fluid relationships with employees.

The presence of, for example, an employee portal where workers can share information about their payroll, certificates, as well as being able to manage their requests for vacation days or time control... offers an image and shows a better organized department, which offers more transparency to the worker.

We are therefore facing a scenario in which we must take advantage of all the benefits that technology offers us to improve daily work, so we will achieve greater productivity and obtain better results in any department where technology is applied as a process improvement.

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