Scheduling and monitoring specific tasks linked to an element, that are not mandatory, according to recommendations, good practices, experience, etc..


CAFM Features

  • Range generation.
  • Generation of the preventive maintenance plan.
  • Validation and verification of adaptation to the manufacturer’s recommendations, or those based on experience.
  • Automatic generation of work orders related to preventive maintenance.
  • Recording, opening, closing, time and resource control, costs, alerts, when the maintenance is not completed.
  • Reports


Financial justification

  • Directly
    • Provides time saving on preventive maintenance profile times, due to saving on manual opening, assignment, monitoring, reporting and everything related to technical instructions, search for non-mandatory but recommendable regulations, etc.
  • Indirectly
    • Saving on maintenance contracts due to having time to compare contracts, to update equipment inventory to adjust the scope of the service.


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