Definition of areas, zones, departments, groups, workplaces within the buildings to be managed. Those definitions shall be generated applying strategic criteria for each organisation to simplify internal processes (assignments, rebilling, Human Resources, Cost Centres, ...) as well as technical criteria for optimum management of the operation (maintenance, operations, organisational changes, ...); linking the physical space of the workstation with: user, departments, cost centres, etc.


CAFM Features

  • Generation of a list of entities ordered by groups and, if possible, in tree format.
  • Codification and nomenclature of the elements (areas, zones, departments, etc...).
  • Zone scopes: from geographic (country, community, delegation) down to the smallest (building, floor, department, office, workstation, user, cost centre).
  • Linking the physical space and assets of the workstation with: user, department, cost centre...
  • Definition of the post at work (from the “person” concept to “Person, telephone, PC, desk, chair, box, …).
  • Constitutes basic, necessary information to manage the transfer.


Financial justification

  • Directly
    • Optimisation of resources / rent / space to reduce cost.
    • Quantify spaces by departments, in order to perform a clearer cost assignment.
    • Identification of specific needs of departments of areas.


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